Wood in its natural form looks great and more towards rustic side. So, if you want to decorate with such a wood then one good idea would be adorning your home with log furniture. It looks simply wonderful.
You can include log furniture in as little amount as one or two kitchen stools and in as big amount as a bunk bed. To adapt the working with a lot of logs, you need to find a professional chainsaw at Buyers Guide. So, here you go for some log furniture designs you will totally fall in love with:

1. A Garden Bench with a Matching Table Created from Thick Log Slices

Image via: pikabu

2. A DIY Changing Table for a Baby Nursery; Now That’s Something Different!

Image via: the alaska life

3. An Easily Portable DIY Birch Log Coffee Table on Wheels

Image via: bhg

4. Cut Log Kitchen Stools Looking Just Lovely

Image via: maine home design , pinterest

5. An Entry Way Bench Made by Cutting Logs in Half Length Wise

Image via: thankfifi

6. A Tree Shaped Corner Bookcase Looking So Creative

Image via: home lilys

7. A Fun and Relaxing Log Porch Swing

Image via: topraksti

8. A Rustic Cabin Bunk Bed for Kids

Image via: rocky top furniture

9. A Charming and Unique Log Dresser

Image via: stroikairemont

10. Coffee Tables Created with Stacked Log Slices

Image via: pinterest , pinterest