Pallets can also be used on a big scale as for your outdoor housing plans as everyone nowadays have easy to access to pallets and they can even be grabbed in any amount so installation of outdoor sheds, cabins, garden gazebos, patio decks and kids playhouse with pallets is becoming a trend! Pallets just provide its user a free hand to achieve any item from decorous to functional using their creativity to explore some more ways to bring them to useful and utilitarian conditions!


If you are willing to install an instant outdoor residence with pallets then this DIY pallet shed or cabin will be a bigger help can speak more than thousand of words if you willing to know about the construction details! Entire boundary or walls have been built with pallets while the roof and floor planning has also been done with pallet boards! Metal roof has been providing to let the whole house withstand the rainwater and little residence can also serve you as a garden shed at the same time!

recycled pallet outdoor cabin or shed
By installing the pillar and primary skeleton you can easily build this outdoor cabinet by installing the pallet then after for a solid and complete look! To modern the weather condition and to add a security barrier, a reclaimed window and an old door have been installed respectively which also give a total complete look to whole of the residence!
repurposed pallet outdoor cabin
Metal roof has been selected to add water proofing to whole residence which can also be given a tilted angle to avoid water or dust retaining!
diy pallet shed designs
By flooring up some pallet boards, a little porch has also been installed to sit and enjoy the outdoor and also to stare at your pets that is always a big fun!

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Tiny Pallet House or Cabin: DIY Tutorial