Whether it's an old plantation house or a modern stone masterpiece, nothing beats a beautiful, rustic home with lots of cozy charm. Historic homes always seem to come alive with character and log cabins bring touches of the outdoors into luxurious living spaces. Old-fashioned style and down-home inspired details can make any abode into an inviting haven for any country soul.

Nestled down the back roads of someplace tranquil, these perfect country homes will capture your heart:

1. High ceilings add a grand feeling to this warm house.

2. This secluded mansion would be the perfect escape from the demands of everyday life.

3. How wonderful would it be to sit on that huge front porches in a rocking chair?

Pass the sweet tea, please!

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4. A bedroom fit for a country king or queen

That fireplace looks like the perfect spot to retreat with a blanket and a book.

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5. Who would you invite to a dinner party at that sophisticated table?

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6. What a perfect place to spend a chilly fall evening with friends and s'more supplies.

7. It's not just the house that's stunning -- that view is breathtaking, too!

8. All you need for a perfect evening in this cozy spot is some bubble bath. And maybe a nice glass of wine.

bathroom 2

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9. It's almost as if there's no barrier between the beautiful outdoors and this kitchen.

Washing dishes wouldn't be so bad with that scenery in the background!

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10. Country class can always include a touch of cow print.

11. Now THAT is a mansion. Even the driveway is beautiful!

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12.  You don't necessarily have to live on a farm to have the perfect farmhouse.

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13. Need your entryway to make an impression on guests? I think this one would do the trick.

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14. If a cabin in the woods is your style, why not have a tree house?

This one makes your kids' backyard escape look tiny!

15.  That front porch is so beautiful, you might not ever want to go inside.

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16.  In case you ever dreamt of a loft in your bedroom as a child, here's the grown-up version of that fantasy.


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17. Pretty sure this is the country version of a palace.

18. Cozy lodge meets formal dining room

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