If you’re looking to combine the great outdoors, comfort and the serenity of nature then look no further than LAÖ CABINES! LAÖ CABINES is an ecologically friendly recluse in Racine, Quebec offering contemporary cabins surrounded by the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

LAÖ CABINES is synonymous with luxury as the cabins are stylized for the modern outdoor adventurer offering everything you could need in a short getaway. The cabins are meticulously designed, minimalist and intimate.

There are 3 styles of cabins, each with their own design, amenities, views and surroundings.

Le BLÖK (Up to 4 people)

Le Blok has 3 different models with slight variations: Le Blok a du Piquant, Le Blok a du Panache and Le Blok a du Mordant. Le Blok a du Piquant has a wonderful view of the horizon thanks to its position geographically and it’s perched on a cliff with a view of the valley in front of you.

Le Blok a du Panache is hidden behind a small hill and has a magnificent view of the Lac a Paul. What’s better than a cottage by the water, right?

From the top of the cliff Le Blok a du Mordant greets you with the sound of a small stream running nearby and is perched up on a rock plateau that acts as a terrace for the campfire.

VÜ (Up to 4 people)

Cabine Vu also has 3 different models with slight variations, making them all special in their own way. Cabine Vu du Roc, Vu du Top and Vu du Lac were built to admire the sky from the comfort of your bed. It’s a blissful experience to look up from a night’s rest to see the sun creep through the trees giving light to a new day. Move your furniture freely as they’re all on wheels – nothing says sleeping under the stars like pulling your bed out onto the balcony.

Labsölu (up to 2 people)

Labsölu is cute little cabin more fit the common camper! Sharing some of the same amenities of the bigger cabins like the queen-sized bed, compost toilet and all the cooking essentials, Labsölu is an intimate cabin designed to gaze at the stars with the help of skylights on the roof.

LAÖ CABINES also has a reception area (where you park your car when you first arrive) equipped with a full bathroom, shower and even a spa. All the cabins are within a few minutes’ walk from the reception area, although walking can be difficult with the changes in elevation, especially when it rains where the path is muddy and slippery. Should this be the case, there’s a shuttle you can take where Marie & Vincent would be honoured to accompany you to your cabin in a 4-wheeler!

The Lac à Paul, which is situated within the grounds of LAÖ CABINES , provides an excellent way to cool down during the hot summer months. Here, you can swim, relax on the dock or take out a paddleboard or kayak. You may also run into some furry friends while exploring the lake as it is inhabited by beavers!

LAÖ CABINES was an awesome experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with your significant other, or your family, Lao Cabines is definitely a spot worth looking into. Situated just over an hour and a half away from Montreal, it’s the perfect distance for a weekend getaway from the busy and bustling streets of our province’s biggest city.