Bookworm Cabin in Poland
Bookworm Cabin in Adelin, Poland / Image: Slowshop

This July, Poland has introduced its first bookworm cabin nearby Adelin village – and it is guaranteed to make every book lover’s jaw drop.

Imagine yourself snuggled up on a comfy sofa, with the smell of fresh-cut timber filling the air and the fireplace crackling softly, surrounded almost entirely by books and nothing else. Far away from civilization, liberated from the rush of the city, enclosed with nature and nature only.

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This dream place actually exists – and it is located only 45 minutes from Warsaw. A snug little wooden cabin nicknamed the ‘Bookworm Cabin’ was designed exclusively for us, book lovers, who yearn for a bookish getaway.

“The ‘Bookworm Cabin’ was built to provide a moment of respite. So that you can sit comfortably, stop running for a while… and start observing instead. Reading. Listening. Thinking. Appreciating. So that you can finally start living”, explain the brains behind the initiative, Bartłomiej and Marta Kraciuk. “This cabin was made so that you could just sit down and not feel obliged to do anything for a change”, Bartłomiej adds in an interview with ELLE Polska.

The initiative was brought to life through a fundraiser on a crowdfunding website. As the idea started gaining popularity, a number of bigger companies decided to help: POLE architects offered to design the cabin with furniture provided by VOX, while Albatros publishing house volunteered to supply it with books.

Fashionably modern, minimalistic but nonetheless homey, the cabin has it all: there’s a lovely fireplace, a fully-equipped kitchen and toilet, and a snug mezzanine with a double bed. The Bookworm Cabin is located on a densely-forested land and surrounded by a couple of fields. Even though secluded by the trees, it is in rather close proximity of two small villages with a couple of small grocery shops with fresh produce and a pharmacy.

No Wi-Fi, poor mobile phone reception and a small yellow box to store a phone inside encourage a digital detox to make the visitors’ reading spree as distraction-free as possible.

And there’s a lot to read. With almost all walls transformed into bookshelves, it was possible to squeeze almost 400 titles inside the cabin – from thrillers to biographies, classics to poetry, YA to cookbooks – all personally selected by Bartłomiej and Marta.

The best part? Albatros publishing house actively supplies the cabin with some of the most anticipated prereleases, making it possible for book lovers to read some of the most awaited titles before anyone else.

But if the visitors need to take a quick break from reading, there’s plenty of things to do as well. The proximity of endless forests and fields makes it a perfect spot for both hiking and strolling, while nearby villages provide some other activities. Jadów is well-known for its delicious ice-cream shop, Brańszczyk offers canoeing trips, and Mostówka is home to sand-dunes and well-known for its picturesque heather moors.

Bartłomiej and Marta stress, however, that grilling and fire-starting are strictly forbidden in the area since it is a nature reserve as part of the Natura 2000 program.

The cabin is available all year and the costs start from 345 złoty per day, which translates to roughly 90 USD. But if you are interested in booking, be quick! The cabin, even though it just opened, is already fully booked for weekends up until October.

The first bookworm cabin in Poland

Bookworm Cabin in Poland
Bookworm Cabin in Poland
Bookworm Cabin in Poland

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