The French architecture studio A6A has recently designed and constructed a self-contained prefabricated micro cabin in Ustaritz, southwest of France. This 20 square-meter tiny home prototype incorporates everything you need for comfortable living, but the cabin isn’t a permanent structure. It’s made, in an off-site workshop, moved to location by a flatbed truck and installed thanks to a crane.

Heva-cabin-1The cabin boasts a burnt Douglas fir shell with weather and bug protection.

Heva-cabin-10 The black exterior is reminiscent of the huts of local woodcutters.

Heva-cabin-2A kitchenette with storage is in the heart of the home, encompassed by natural wood paneling.

Heva-cabin-9The bunkbed style of the sleeping quarters allows more room in the living area.

Heva-cabin-8The sleeping nooks are cozy and provide plenty of space for up to four people.

Heva-cabin-7Floor to ceiling windows and doors offer natural light and views from the two bed areas.

Heva-cabin-5The entire interior features Douglas fir panelling with contemporary elegance.

Heva-cabin-6 Floor to ceiling windows and doors complete the look.

Heva-cabin-4The cabin is designed to minimize impact to the environment.